Intentions Calendar

I sometimes have a hard time with setting goals or resolutions. They can feel really intimidating and scary. And I know that if I declare something too big, I’ll just feel bad about myself when I don’t accomplish it. Anyone else? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “I’m going to read four books this year!” I say it with so much confidence that I convince my current self that it’s going to happen. But my future self is standing in the corner with her arms crossed smugly snickering “that’ll never happen…” It’s a whole thing.

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Sweet Summertime

I think my love of summertime was ingrained in me from a free spirited childhood growing up in rural Ohio. My brother and I spent our days with our cousins and best friends exploring our small town's woods and rivers. My absolute favorite thing to do was river walking. We'd walk down the dirt road of our best friends' farm to the river. The six of us were allowed to go to the river alone, so long as we took Cindy with us. She was the "adult" of the group, our friends' black lab mix who had even lazier days than us, supervising all of our activities. Those hot summer days are my fondest memories. In college, and even after, I would frequently take our yellow lab, Jessie, river walking with me. Just the two of us. She loved it as much as I did and I swear she knew what it meant to me.

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